Zheyi Meng

Office: Roberts Building, Room 221, UCL



PhD, Material Physics and Chemistry, Beihang University, China (2011-2016)

MSc, Applied Chemistry, Beihang University, China (2008-2011)

BS, Applied Chemistry, Beihang University, (2004-2008)

Zheyi obtained his PhD in Material Physics and Chemistry, Professor Jin Zhai's group, at Beihang University (China) on nature-inspired ion channels and porous membrane materials. He applied multiporous polymer film in his researches, due to the regular channel shape, narrow distribution of channel size and available surface for modification. And he has developed the applications of this biomimetic nanochannel in low-cost and easy-prepared sensors, energy-conversion systems and nanofluidic devices as follows:

1. Inspired by the structure of the natural photosynthetic membrane, he applied polymer films with conical nanochannel arrays into a photosystemII-based photoelectrical conversion system to realize the regulation of photocurrents in device design.

2. He modified polymer nanochannels with calcein, a tetradentate ligand for Ca2+, to build a Ca2+-responsive nanofluidic sensor, which had potential applications in measuring the Ca2+ concentration level in the blood of human and other higher animals.

3. Inspired by the biological gap junction channel, he introduced a novel and simple design, combining two polymer films with columnar nanochannel arrays varying in size or in surface charge, to construct bichannel nanofluid diodes, which also extensive potential applications in sensors and material separations.

His work in the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering focuses on the study of composite porous membrane materials with high permeation and selectivity for separation or water purification.


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Zheyi Meng