Panos Trogadas

Office: Roberts Building, UCL

Employment History  

  • 02/2017-present:  Senior Researcher in Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK (Advisor: Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens) 
  • 01/2014-01/2017: Senior Postdoctoral Researcher & Teaching Fellow in Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK 
  • 07/2012-01/2014: Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Technical University Berlin, Germany (Advisor: Prof. Peter Strasser) 
  • 01/2010-06/2012: Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (Advisor: Prof. Tom Fuller; Toyota Motors funding) 

Academic History      

  • 08/2005-12/2009: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA (Advisor: Prof. Vijay Ramani; General Motors funding)
  • 09/2000-05/2005: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. 

Current research:  

  • Nature-inspired electrochemical systems
  • Nature-inspired electrocatalysts

Project: Nature-inspired fuel cells     

Research interests:  

  • Hierarchical materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices
  • Mechanistic understanding of structure-activity-stability relationship, synthesis and characterization techniques.
  • Multilayer membranes for redox flow batteries and water purification
  • Additive manufacturing of 3D flow fields for electrochemical devices
  • Multiphase flow electrochemical reactors       

Selected publications: 

30 publications and 8 book chapters

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters  

  • P. Trogadas and M.O. Coppens, A Nature-Inspired Approach in Chemical Reaction Engineering, In Sustainable Nanoscale Engineering; Livingston A.G. Ed.; Elsevier Publishing, under review December 2017. 

  • P. Trogadas and M.O. Coppens, Hierarchically structured Pt and non-Pt based electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells, In Handbook of Green Chemistry; Lapkin A., Anastas P. Eds.; RSC Publishing, accepted manuscript, in print.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers  

  • A.S. Perera, P. Trogadas, M.M. Nigra, H. Yu, and M.O. Coppens, Optimization of mesoporous titanosilicate catalysts for cyclohexene epoxidation via statistically guided synthesis Journal of Materials Science accepted manuscript January 2018, DOI: 10.1007/s10853-018-2057-2
  • P. Trogadas, J.I.S Cho, T.P. Neville, J. Marquis, B. Wu, D. Brett, and M.O. Coppens, A Lung-Inspired Approach to Scalable and Robust Fuel Cell Design Energy & Environmental Science 11 (2018) 136-143 (Top 2% rank by senior reviewers; Front Cover; part of the Themed collection: Energy & Environmental Science Hot Articles)
  • P. Trogadas, V. Ramani, P. Strasser, T.F. Fuller, and M.O. Coppens, Hierarchically Structured Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 55 (2016) 122-148. 
  • P. Trogadas, M.M. Nigra, and M.O. Coppens, Nature-inspired optimization of hierarchical porous media for catalytic and separation processes New Journal of Chemistry 40 (2016) 4016-4026 (themed issue dedicated to François Fajula).
  • P. Trogadas, O.O. Taiwo, B. Tjaden, T.P. Neville, S. Yun, J. Parrondo, V. Ramani, M.O. Coppens, D.J.L. Brett, and P.R. Shearing X-Ray Micro-Tomography As a Diagnostic Tool for The Electrode Degradation in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries, Electrochemistry Communications 48 (2014) 155-159. 
Panos Trogadas