Malica Schmidt

Office: Roberts Building, Room 222, UCL



PhD, Chemical Engineering and Architecture, University College London, London, UK (2017-present) MArch, Architecture, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK (2016) BSc, Architecture, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany (2013)

Research Statement

To improve the building's performance smart building technologies have evolved rapidly over the last years. However, critical views see the smart buildings agenda mostly not driven by sustainable aspects and the differences in the life cycle of technologies and buildings. As smart building technologies sense, adapt, and respond to internal and external changes same as nature does, the main goal of this research is to develop a novel wall system that consists of nature inspired smart building technologies. These technologies are able to self-clean, regulate humidity, circulate air, and produce light to adapt to the changing requirements of the room in an energy efficient way.

Malica Schmidt