Postdoctoral researcher Maximilian Besenhard gives a talk at FLOWMAT2019

17 September 2019

UCL Chemical Engineering postdoctoral research associate Maximilian Besenhard gave a talk at the Flow synthesis of multiscale materials (FLOWMAT) conference in Sorbonne University in Paris, France which took place on the 26th-27th of June 2019. The conference brought together researchers from various backgrounds and provided a unique opportunity for researchers and students to gain valuable advice and insight in their research, while beneficiating from educational presentations dealing with the advantages of flow to control the chemistry and physico-chemistry of reactions. 

The small conference addressed a range of broad topics highlighting the role of flow chemistry in contributing to achieving multi-scale materials synthesis (nano, meso, micro) with applications in biomedical applications, catalysis, etc and aimed to introduce the micro-millifluidics technologies to the greatest number of researchers.

Max's presentation was titled "Co-precipitation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Flow: New Opportunities for Basic Research and Large-Scale Production" & focused on the applications involving magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) in the fields of energy and environment, and most prominently biomedicine.

FLOWMAT2019 was organised by Dr. Ali Abou Hassan from Sorbonne Université and Dr. Samuel Marre from ICMCB, CNRS. For more information regarding Max's work, refer to his profile.

Postdoctoral researcher Maximilian Besenhard gives a talk at FLOWMAT2019