Nina Jotanovic showcases work at the Biodesign Here Now exhibition

24 September 2019

PhD student Nina Jotanovic showcased her work at the Biodesign Here Now exhibition from the 19th to the 21st of September 2019. The exhibition was curated and organised by Open Cell, the first public research centre for consumer-facing biotechnology and bio-designers.

The exhibition gave a first taste of the field of Biodesign - from sustainable pollination to grown fashion to personal medicines and delving into more broad topics of interest such as the future of materials, manufacturing, architecture & fashion.

Nina's succesfully selected research project was titled "‘Biogenic Luminosity" which questions ‘flat’ appearance and unsustainability of synthetic materials in comparison to those of biogenic and geologic origin. Biogenic materials are synthesized in benign conditions and although often extremely minuscule they are highly expressive and effective, like structural colour commonly found in living organisms. Wall segment exhibited investigates perceptual depth and radiance of such thin chromatic ‘veneers’ in the context of built environment. Ceramic tiles are veneered with living microbial colonies who self-assemble in a highly ordered three-dimensional microscopic bulk that exhibits iridescence and peculiar luminosity. Her exhibited work was in collaboration with the Bio-Inspired Photonics Lab (BIP) at the Chemistry Department, University of Cambridge.

Nina's research is in collaboration with CNIE and the Bartlett school of Architecture at UCL. The team involved in this research are as follows:

For more information regarding the exhibition & symposium, visit the event page.

Nina Jotanovic showcases work at the Biodesign Here Now exhibition