Nina Jotanovic to give a talk at the "Design with the Living" Symposium

22 October 2019

PhD candidate Nina Jotanovic will give a talk at the Design Museum on Friday the 8th of November. The symposium is titled "Design with the Living" and will focus on how designing with living organisms can respond to today’s ecological challenges which is in conjunction with Nina's current research. 

When collaborating with living organisms such as algae, mycelium and microbes, designers are exploring new ways to shape and form our material world in ways that are respectful of our planetary boundaries. In this symposium, the interest lies in exploring how this area of practice needs to continue to evolve to meet these above challenges. As the practice of ‘designing with biology expands, the symposium aims to provide a space to pause and critically interrogate the practices of ‘designing with and for living systems’. 

Nina's PhD research is focused on directing the growth of thin, but microscopically three-dimensional, lustrous materials of biogenic origin conducted here at Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering and the Bartlett school of Architecture. Be sure to visit her profile for more on this.

For more information about the symposium, visit the event page.  

 Nina Jotanovic to give a talk at the "Design with the Living" Symposium