New published paper on “Biotic analogies for self-organising cities”

08 November 2019

We are delighted to announce publication of “Biotic Analogies of Self-Organising Cities” which is now available here in advance of formal publication by Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. The paper is reporting on the research from the CNIE Inspiration Grant on the Self-Organising Built Environment awarded back in 2016.

Dr Claire Narraway is the lead author of the paper along with co-authors Oliver SP Davis, Sally Lowell, Katrina A Lythgoe, J Scott Turner and Stephen Marshall. Professor Stephen Marshall, the UCL principal investigator, commented: “This Inspiration Grant certainly lived up to its name: we found it truly inspiring to work on this project, which was transformative in forging cross-disciplinary connections and building collaboration, both within the project and with others outside it.”

“The project spurred us to make contact with our colleague Dr Claudia Pasequero, who gave a talk for us on slime moulds in relation to architecture, which led to us spontaneously self-organising a seminar with another colleague, Emmanouil Zaroukas, presenting to Masters students from the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences,” he added.

So the project has helped make connections between the Bartlett School of Planning, where the project is based, the School of Architecture, and the Faculty of Engineering Sciences where the CNIE is based, and there is also a connection to UCL’s department of Genetics, Evolution and the Environment, where project co-investigator Dr Oliver Davis had been based at time the initial idea for the project was hatched.

The paper is due for appearing in a special issue of the journal, on Framework Rules for Self-Organising Cities, a setting which the project team hopes will help create new linkages between our work on biotic analogies and the actual rules and codes used in planning cities.

Prof Marshall commented “We hope that our paper can be a gateway both to further research on other kinds of biotic analogies – such as with urban adaptation and evolution – and to inspiring new thinking about the biotic nature of cities, and self-organising applications to urban design and planning.”

Paper: Narraway C, Davis O, Lowell S, Lythgoe, K, Turner J S and Marshall S (2019) Biotic analogies for self-organising cities, in Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. [Link]

For more information about the project, visit the Self-Organising Built Environment webpage [ Link].

New published paper on “Biotic analogies for self-organising cities”