New Paper on Nature-inspired fuel cells

27 November 2019

CNIE has published a new paper in the reputed Chemical Engineering Science Journal titled "Optimising the Architecture of Lung-Inspired Fuel Cells" authored by Jason Cho, Panos Trogadas, Jeff Marquis, Toby Neville, Professor Dan Brett and Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens. The work was partly supported by EPSRC, UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences and the US National Science Foundation Fuel Cell IGERT at Rensselaer and made in collaboration with the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL).

The paper presents simulations of a lung-inspired polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and reports that the optimal number of branching generations in a fractal flow plate corresponds to transition from flow to diffusion dominated transport. The effect of GDL thickness on the lung-inspired PEMFC performance is investigated and the potential for 80% increase in PEMFC volumetric power density is demonstrated.


J.I.S. Cho, J. Marquis, P. Trogadas, T.P. Neville, D.J.L. Brett, M.O. Coppens, Optimizing the Architecture of Lung-Inspired Fuel Cells, 2019, Chemical Engineering Science, 115375. [Link]

New Paper on Nature-inspired fuel cells