Coming up: 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting & UCL Chemical Engineering Reception

05 November 2019

The Annual AIChE Meeting for 2019 is fast approaching and will take place from the 10th-15th of November in Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida.

The AIChE Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth. Academic and industry experts will cover wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering. Amongst those are CNIE researchers and colleagues from the UCL Chemical Engineering Department.

During the meeting, Prof. Coppens will chair a session on the Fundamentals of Fluidisation on Monday the 11th of that week. He will also give two invited talks on "Nature-Inspired Process Intensification" and "Remaining True to Yourself".

In addition to that, PhD students Nidhi Kapil and Kaiqaio Wu will be presenting their research projects. Nidhi will present on the topic of "Atomically Precise Gold Clusters with Modulated Ligand and Support Environment for Oxidation Catalysis". Kaiqaio will present his recent work on "Bubble Self-Arrangement in Annular Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds" (See image below)

Bubble Self-Arrangement in Annular Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds. Credits to Kaiqiao Wu

More information on the programme for the meeting can be found here.

The UCL Chemical Engineering Department will also host a reception at the event on Monday the 11th November in efforts to highlight recent achievements within the department. (More information below)

We look forward to welcoming friends and guests to the event.

Coming up: 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting & UCL Chemical Engineering Reception