CNIE present new PhD projects for Nature-inspired and bio-integrated Architecture

28 March 2018

On Monday 12th March, The Centre Pompidou in Paris visited the CNIE to learn more about our research on nature-inspired engineering and bio-integrated architecture.

A great meeting took place between UCL's Chemical Engineering, Architecture, Biochemical Engineering, and the Centre Pompidou with Malica Schmidt, Nina Jotanovic, Marc-Olivier Coppens, Marcos Cruz, Brenda Parker and Olivier Zeitoun.

Architecture has taken the ideas from nature as a source of inspiration since Gaudí, Leonardo Da Vinci, and even earlier times. Nowadays, as printing technologies, and modelling and simulation tools advance, we go a step further and interdisciplinary collaboration takes place between the Chemical Engineering and the Bartlett School of Architecture. This unique chance from Chemical Engineering to integrate processes and laboratory work within the architectural framework has led to novel materials and prototypes.

One example of a specific project of this collaboration is a PhD thesis that develops a nature inspired smart wall system that consists of nature inspired smart building technologies. These technologies are able to self-clean, regulate humidity, circulate air, and therefore adapt to the changing requirements of any room in an energy efficient way.

The Centre of Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE) at UCL draws lessons from nature to engineer innovative solutions to our grand challenges in energy, water, materials, health, and living space:

BiotA Lab is an innovative design research platform that merges architecture, biology and engineering. It is based at the Bartlett School of Architecture:

CNIE present new PhD projects for Nature-inspired and bio-integrated Architecture