CNIE featured SAXS Workshops at UCL on 26-28 April

01 March 2017

A successful CNIE/SAXSLAB workshop organised by Dr Han Wu (CNIE) and Dr Isja de Feijter (SAXSLAB)  has been hosted by CNIE at UCL on April 26-28 2017.

The workshops covered scattering theory, experimental techniques, and software tutorial sessions, with an inspiring keynote talk from Prof Battaglia on molecular engineering. 

Over 30 participants from 5 departments attended CNIE/SAXSLAB workshops. Half a day of the workshop was dedicated to data processing and enabled participants to maximise the information gained from the SAXS technique. It also provided a platform for a new SAXS user group to exchange tips and ideas. 

CNIE/SAXSLAB workshop  on small angle x-ray scattering and diffraction

Day 1: Introduction to SAXS/WAXS (26th April 2017)

A printable version of the programme is available here.

Day 2: Introduction to GISAXS (27th April 2017)

This is a high-level hands on course. Students are expected to have a lot of prior knowledge and experience to understand the content.


·          CNIE/SAXSLAB Workshop on SAXS – Day 1: 26 April, 9:45am – 5:30pm

·          CNIE/SAXSLAB Workshop on GISAXS - Day 2: 27 April, 9:30am – 5:30pm

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CNIE featured SAXS Workshops at UCL on 26-28 April