CNIE Features in the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Magazine "Chemistry World"

26 October 2019

Earlier this week, the UK Royal Society of Chemistry published a feature piece in Chemistry World, titled "Single-atom catalysis", which focused on current research trends regarding the use of single atom catalysts that possess hierarchical, nanoporous structures.

The article featured two unique projects being conducted at the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering: hierarchically structured catalysts and nature inspired fuel cells.  These relate to the CNIE themes "Hierarchical Transport Networks" and “Force Balancing” (nano-confinement effects). In this piece, Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens commented on current challenges found in porous catalysts, which have a high surface area, but are affected by significant diffusion limitations due to the narrowness of their nanopores; nature-inspired engineering can guide the optimisation and resolution of such issues. Marc-Olivier also discussed the application of nanoporous materials and fractal flow plates in hydrogen fuel cells for electricity generation, deriving inspiration from the lung and its transport mechanisms.

The article was written by Andy Extance and explored many areas related to the utilisation of single-atom catalysts, such as its application in water gas shift reactions for later use in resourcing clean energy systems and much more. To read this highly interesting and thought-provoking piece, visit this page on the Chemistry World magazine website.

For recent articles on lung-inspired fuel cells:

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CNIE Features in the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Magazine "Chemistry World"