CNIE Alumnus Dr Niall Kent Accepts Honorary Lectureship

12 December 2019

We are delighted to announce that valued CNIE alumnus, Dr Niall Kent, has accepted the position of Honorary Lecturer in the CNIE and UCL Department of Chemical Engineering.

Niall's work within the Department and the CNIE as a postdoctoral research fellow with Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens has won several awards, including most recently the UCL Early Career Enterprise and Innovation Award (2019), the first Royal Academy of Engineering Launchpad Award (2014), and several grants (EPSRC, MRC, Osteology Foundation, etc.).

His cross-disciplinary work epitomises work in the CNIE as a catalyst for innovation, and has involved novel hierarchically structured, functional materials for applications in healthcare and biomedical engineering, catalysis and membranes.

Niall holds a PhD from Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (2013), and a MBChB Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Warwick Medical School (2019). He was one of the CNIE’s first Flagship Postdoctoral Researchers, joining the CNIE in 2014.

CNIE Alumnus Dr Niall Kent Accepts Honorary Lectureship