A warm welcome to our new MSc student Ibrahim Alnutaifi

01 November 2019

Ibrahim Alnutaifi is a new MSc student who has just joined the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering this previous month, October 2019. Ibrahim joins CNIE along with extensive industry research experience he has built within the past 6 years in research and development as well as process engineering. His previous work projects includes the direct conversion of crude oil to petrochemicals which span for 3 years and designing new materials for chemical & nanotechnology applications.

Ibrahim's MSc research project will focus on Catalysis within a nature inspired context to be supervised by Prof. Coppens which will shortly be followed by a 3-year long PhD programme continued at CNIE to commence in late 2020 exploring the same research area as his MSc's research project.

Prior to starting his research project later this year, Ibrahim is currently participating in the NICE module led by Prof Coppens which Ibrahim quotes it to be "a very unique learning experience taught by the one of the leading research centres in nature-inspired engineering".

We hope Ibrahim all the best in his study here at CNIE and for more information on Ibrahim, visit his profile.

A warm welcome to our new MSc student Ibrahim Alnutaifi