PoreMaster 33 Hg Porosimeter (Quantachrome)


The PoreMaster 33 is an automatic pore size distribution and pore volume analyzers using the rapid mercury intrusion method. Pore size range measured from approximately 950 µm diameter to 6.5nm. It has two, built-in low pressure analysis ports for pore sizes above 4 µm. The high pressure chamber accommodates one sample cell for pore sizes smaller than 4 µm.

It provides pore size, pore volume, bulk and apparent density, porosity, particle size and related properties for a wide range of powdered and bulk solid materials. 

Continuous scanning provides detail rich, high resolution (up to 2000 points) pore size data plus AutoSpeed™ control for automatic adjustment of pressurization rate in response to individual sample characteristics. 

Stepwise pressurization provides lower resolution but enables the system to stop and wait for user selected time intervals to allow mercury to fully penetrate complex pore structures.